We are the headquarters for the Korea Hwal Moo Kwan Hapkido Association and the US Hwalmoo Association, an umbrella organization established in 2008 that supports instructors and schools of various martial arts who would like to be a part of a non-political association..
Services we provide:

  • Dan Certification 
  • Instructor/Master Certification
  • Dojang Certification
  • US Hwalmoo Association sanctioned seminars/testing

We can also aid with certification from Korea in the following arts:

  • Taekwondo - Chang Moo Kwan, Kukkiwon
  • Tang Soo Do - World Tang Soo Do General Federation
  • Haedong Gumdo - Chosun Haedong Gumdo Association
  • Hosinsul - Korea Hosinsul Federation